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Emergency hypothermia prevention

Explore the THERMARMOUR range of patient warming products. The emergency blankets are a vital addition to any ambulance kit, allowing paramedics to prevent hypothermia in patients where possible. Ideal for trauma situations, harsh weather conditions, or long wait times. Available in two sizes, 1m x 1.5m, and 2m x 1.5m.

Ambulance blankets

At Interweave, you can find a variety of blankets suitable for ambulance use. From cellular red blankets, to single use fleece options. For a comprehensive emergency kit, a range of blankets ensures all patients are accommodated for. Our red ambulance blanket is re-usable, lightweight and machine washable. An ideal sustainable choice where laundry facilities are available.

For alternative situations, single use blankets are suitable for emergencies, where managing infection is a top priority, They provide added warmth, whilst remaining simple to use, and being a cost effective choice. The single use solution reduces your ongoing laundry costs.

Disposable linen

Our range of disposable bedding is perfect for emergency and medical situations. They are the ideal solution for where laundry facilities are limited, and where maintaining good hygiene and reducing risks of cross contamination are important. With great air permeability, the polypropylene is dust mite resistant. Making it anti-allergenic.

Simply dispose of in standard waste collection when you are finished with them. Suitable for a variety of facilities and scenarios.

Transfer sheets

We offer two types of slide sheets, a standard size single use transfer sheet (85cm x 194cm). Or the multi-mover bariatric slide sheet, with a safe lift weight of 460kg. Available in 200cm x 100cm size. The combination of these slide sheets ensures all patients are covered, making the pair ideal for any emergency kit.

Both slide sheets are latex free, making them suitable for patients with latex allergies. The handles are ergonomic to ensure the comfort and safety of the movers, in turn, protecting the patient from accidents. Fuss free patient moving and handling with the Interweave transfer sheets.

Fitted stretcher sheets

Fitted stretcher sheets are made for ambulance cots, which secures around the head and foot of the ambulance mattress easily, tucking underneath the mattress. They arrive vacuum packed, making them easy to store and transfer. Stretcher sheets are able to laterally transfer patients weighing up to 130kg.

Single use sheets eliminate any risk of cross-contamination and protects the patient, which is particularly important in emergency situations. The sheets are latex free, so they are suitable for those with latex allergies. Commonly used in ambulances and for other emergency services and facilities.

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