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How to wear a hospital gown

How to wear a hospital gown

We all know what a hospital gown looks like, whether we have had to wear one, or seen one on TV. You may have seen some of the Interweave patient gowns on TV! On shows such as Cobra, and The Heist on Sky.

They come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit the needs of all types of patients. They are designed to provide access during procedures and surgeries, whilst providing the patients with as much dignity as possible.

Putting on a hospital gown can be a daunting experience. In an anxiety-fuelled situation such as awaiting surgery, changing into a hospital gown for the first time can be stressful. We break down everything you need to know about wearing a hospital gown.

Let’s start with the type’s of gowns you might find in a hospital or clinical setting.

Types of hospital gowns

In some cases, the gown you are required to wear cannot be changed for another. This is because it serves a specific purpose, such as a theatre gown, made specifically for an operation. However, you’ll be pleased to hear that patient gowns have come a long way from your typical open-back gown.

Now, you will find a variety of gown types that provide more dignity and coverage. It was a common complaint that old hospital gowns were too roomy and open, leaving the patient feeling exposed and vulnerable. Let’s explore the modern hospital gowns available today.



What to wear under a hospital gown

What you wear underneath your hospital gown largely depends on why you are visiting the hospital. For example, if you are in hospital for surgery on your hand, what you can wear is different from someone who is in hospital to deliver a baby.

In most cases, you will be allowed to wear standard underwear underneath your hospital gown. This is dependant on the access needed, but many patients find they are able to wear their own underwear throughout their stay.

In any case, comfort is key. Undergarments that are comfortable and breathable are the ideal choice. Stretchy and lightweight undergarments are especially important if you will be recovering and are unable to change yourself.


How to wear a hospital gown

Over time, patient gowns have been developed to be simpler and easier to wear, with less fussy fastenings and stiff buttons. However, every gown differs, and the type you will receive for your procedure may be different to ones you’ve had before, or ones they use in other hospitals.

First, you need to identify what type of gown you have been given. Some gowns have ties, while others have buttons or poppers. Let’s take a look at some examples…

Tie fastening gown

The Lapover gown is one which fastens with colour-coded ties. This system allows you to quickly identify where you need to tie. With this particular gown, it can be tied at the waist, as well as at the neck. The wrap over back panel provides the coverage many patients are looking for.

Hospital can be a stressful time, and make you more easily flustered. A tip is to hold up the gown to yourself before you put it on, and take note of where the ties are, and where the front of the gown is. This gives you a visual image of how to wear the gown, and where the ties will sit in relation to your body. Don’t forget, you can always ask for assistance!


Popper fastening gown

For those who cannot use ties, poppers are a great option. Patients with mobility issues, arthritis, and other conditions may not physically be able to tie a gown. Our popper gown has a row of poppers on both shoulders, as well as a row of poppers at the back.

The plastic poppers are easy to use and secure, so patients don’t need to worry about their gown staying put! In addition, they are MRI-friendly, meaning that patients can remain in this gown for a variety of tests and procedures. Simply snap these poppers into place and feel confident.


Pullover gown

If you aren’t a fan of ties or poppers, a pullover gown may be provided for you. This simple gown is pulled over the person like a t-shirt, which is great for those who are physically able to do this. The worry of the gown accidently opening is removed, and provides peace of mind.

Wide enough for an adult head to fit through comfortably, most patients can put on this gown with ease. However, if you struggle with strength or mobility, and do not have any assistance, this may not be the gown for you. There is an opening at the back of the gown that starts mid back, so this is a gown that requires undergarments.



Choosing a hospital gown

The hospital you are visiting will provide you with a patient gown, and the gowns they provide will differ between locations. They may supply a range to suit different needs, such as the physical ability of the patient. If you feel uncomfortable with your gown, you can ask for an alternative. Your comfort is important, and the right gown can reduce some of the anxieties you might be feeling during your time in hospital.

Some patients choose to purchase a hospital gown for their recovery at home. Those who have had a surgical procedure can sometimes feel more comfortable in the loose and flexible gown than traditional pj’s or clothing. You can purchase a hospital gown for home care from Interweave, we have a vast range to suit your needs.


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