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Do mattress protectors really work?

Do mattress protectors really work?

Mattress protectors are a great product for a variety of care situations. For children, adults, in care homes, in personal homes and more. Have you ever wondered, do they really work? And how exactly do mattress protectors work? We’ve got the answers.

What are mattress protectors?

Mattress protectors come in different styles, fabrics and sizes. Their purpose is what it says on the tin! To protect your mattress. From spills, accidents as well as wear and tear. A protector is an additional layer which goes on top off the mattress, under your bed sheet, and under the duvet and blankets.

They are most commonly used for young children, and in care facilities.


How do mattress protectors work?

All protectors work in the same way, they act as a barrier to the mattress. However, their fabric composition and strength will determine how effective they are at protecting your mattress, and how long they last. They will typically have a waterproof layer, and an additional comfortable or breathable layer of fabric on top.

Waterproof mattress protectors stop sweat and other liquids from being absorbed by the mattress. As well as this, some types of mattress protectors can protect against dust mites, bacteria, bed bugs, allergens as well as liquids. Their primary goal is to keep moisture from reaching your mattress.

It is more difficult to effectively clean a mattress than the mattress protector.


What kinds of mattress protector are available?

You can find a range of mattress protectors depending on your needs and budget. A common low cost choice is plastic, you may also find waterproof, quilted waterproof, underblankets, and towelling mattress protectors.

Though plastic is a cheaper option, it can be hot to sleep on, and can cause you to feel sweaty. On top of this, plastic is noisier, disrupting your sleep. This is why many opt for waterproof or cotton fabric material.

At Interweave, we supply waterproof, quilted waterproof and cotton rich mattress protectors.


Interweave mattress protectors

Fitted waterproof mattress protector

Polypropylene cover with waterproof layer within

Fully fitted with elasticated edges

Reduces laundry efforts

Comfortable, soft and quiet

Single and double bed size



Fitted quilted mattress protector

Fully fitted with elasticated edges

Waterproof layer inside

Polycotton cover with a 100% polyester fitting

Reduces laundry efforts

Soft and comfortable for the user



White draw sheet

Used in hospitals and nursing homes

Comfortable alternative to plastic

Single bed size

Cotton rich fabric

Classic white fabric



Unbleached draw sheet

Unbleached cotton twill fabric

Single bed size

100% cotton material

Placed under the bottom sheet or

Placed on top of a waterproof protector for added protection



You can browse our entire range of mattress protectors here. Or, if you are looking for more linen and bedding, you can shop bedding, duvets, pillows, and blankets.

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