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Children's hospital gowns

Fits children up to age 10

Fun seaside design
Durable polycotton material
Suitable for hospital laundries
Different sizes available
Used in hospitals & clinics

Hospital gowns for children

Easing the tension of being in hospital, and distracting children who are potentially in a lot of pain. These hospital gowns function as expected but add a little bit of fun.

Hospital can be a daunting place for children. So helping them to feel comfortable can be a challenge. Find these Interweave seaside print hospital gowns, perfect for children, which are available in 4 sizes. With comfortable polycotton fabric to put the wearer at ease.

Childrens hospital gown shoulder

Practical features

Being used in hospitals, it’s vital that the gowns are easy to put on and can be worn by the patient throughout their stay in hospital.

The gown is worn with the ties at the back. The gown style includes a wrap-over at the back so there is no exposure.

There are no metal fasteners on the gowns, so they are suitable to be used for surgical procedures, CT scans and MRIs.

Childrens hospital gowns in 4 sizes

Colour coded to help you find the right size

We have helpfully added colour-coded sizing tape around the neckline and on the gown ties.

This helps staff in a hurry, they can quickly see which colour ties the gown has and enable them to pick the correct size easily.

There are four sizes available, designed to fit paediatric patients from newborn to age 10.

Childrens gown

Reusable, sustainable option

These child size hospital gown suitable for use for examinations, operations and long term hospital stays, are washable and reusable.  Wash these gowns at thermal disinfection temperatures to ensure garments are cleared of any bacteria between patients. This will help your organisation reduce waste and save money.

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Childrens Gowns Features

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  • Easycare polycotton fabric

    Machine washable at hot temperatures, assists with infection control procedures

  • Multiple sizes available

    Choose from sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large, suiting children from age 1 to age 10

  • Fun seaside pattern

    Ease the tension at hospital, the children will enjoy the fun gown fabric pattern

These patient gowns are machine washable at high temperatures. This means you can launder them at thermal disinfection temperatures, ensuring infection control in your organisation.

The seaside patterned fabric is designed for children. Providing a sense of fun and relaxation whilst having to spend time in hospital.

Choose from different sizes, from Small to Extra Large. These sizes are suitable for children aged 1 to age 10.

Suitable for all procedures

The childrens hospital gowns are designed to be suitable for all medical procedures

Polycotton comfortable fabric

Children will find these gowns comfortable to wear, when they are in a hospital bed, a wheelchair or walking around the ward. Comfortable polycotton fabric which gets softer each time it is laundered.

X-Ray safe

Gowns suitable for x-ray examinations

These patient gowns have no metal poppers, zips, velcro etc. They are made from soft fabric and suitable for X-ray procedures.

Medical access to limbs

Gown with ties for easy access

The patient gown ties with fabric ties at the back of the body. The gown can easily be moved by clinicians to access a limb.

Download data sheet

Download a PDF which includes all the product technical data, including size charts & fabric composition.

Customer reviews

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